The Women's Leadership Intensive
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Live and lead to your full potential.

A One-Year Leadership Intensive Program for Women







Become the leader you’re meant to be.

We know that you have a vision and the potential to be more, do more, and lead more – but we also know it’s hard to do it on your own.  We’ve been there.  We offer programs designed to make your vision a reality. Our model is unlike other conventional leadership initiatives. We have set out to reframe, rethink, and revolutionize what it means to lead by providing practical, professional and peer support for women who want to break away from the ordinary and carve out their own path. 

Your program includes 3 retreats in beautiful Muskoka at an exclusive leadership centre. Experience the inspiration of Muskoka in 3 different seasons over the course of the year long program.

2019 - 2020 Retreat Dates

Retreat 1: November 14th/15th, 2019

Retreat 2: March 26th/27th, 2020

Retreat 3: October 1st/2nd, 2020