Why a women’s leadership program?

 We know that you have a vision and the potential to be more, do more, and lead more – but we also know it’s hard to do it on your own. 

Women have very different experiences than their male counterparts on the road to leadership. They lead differently and they learn differently. WLI is designed by and for women to specifically address some of the unique leadership challenges women face, such as:

Developing the Right Networks

Women need to get to the table, build alliances with decision-makers and connect with other women in order to access relevant information, earn promotions and gain opportunities. (1., 2.)

Building Confidence 

Women tend to under-assess their skills and competencies.  Women need to inventory, sort and own their skills, experiences and abilities and build the confidence they need to negotiate, lead authentically and use their voice. (3.)

Accessing Women Only Leadership Development Experiences 

Women only leadership development allows women to share and shed light on their experiences, work through unique content and encourage new ways of thinking. (2.)

Moving the Needle on Getting Women Leaders to the Table

Increasing women in leadership helps organizations thrive, both in terms of culture and results. (5.)

“Although women earned 52.7% of university degrees, only 25.6% of senior managers in the private sector are women.” (4.)

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