Why this program? 

The Women’s Leadership Intensive is a visionary leadership program built by women, for women. 

‘Our facilitation team are award winning leadership program designers, talented facilitators, and internationally certified coaches. But more than that, we’ve been there, and we will help you tap into your unique vision, your talent, your perseverance and creativity.’

•  One-year, multi-phase program allows you to develop to the next level of leadership

•  Three retreats, each allowing a chance to really focus, learn and explore

•  1:1 coaching sessions tailored to each participant

•  Access to women’s leadership experts through online learning sessions

• EQi leadership assessment with targeted coaching and development plan

•  Immersion in a supportive environment to work through the unique issues women face

•  Opportunity to build rich, lasting relationships and a peer network

•  Ongoing development and application of your action plan

“Leadership is not about titles, status and wielding power.  A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and has the courage to develop that potential.”  - Brene Brown, Dare to Lead