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Belinda Clemmensen, Founder.

Belinda Clemmensen , B.Sc., M.Ed., ACC

Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed., ACC


Belinda Clemmensen, B.Sc., M.Ed., ACC

Belinda Clemmensen helps women live and lead to their full potential.  As an ICF-certified coach and award-winning designer and facilitator of leadership development initiatives across North America and beyond, Belinda has now turned her focus to helping women lead in whatever domain or industry inspires them.  “I know how hard it is to bring a vision to life because I’ve done it.  Whether that’s a vision for your career, a business, a charitable or creative initiative.  That’s why I developed the Women’s Leadership Intensive, so women wouldn’t have to re-invent the process every time, so women wouldn’t have to do it alone.  This is the program I wished I’d had when I was building my own business.”  

Let me tell you a bit about how I arrived here. 

I’ve been a feminist all my life, even before I knew what that was.  As a child I recognized than women had a very different set of rules, roles and expectations than the men.  At that time, I figured I would just grow up to be a man. It looked like a better deal.  

Through university and my early career in outdoor leadership I continued to develop my ideas. In 2002, I published a journal article called An Exploration of Differences and Perceptions of Difference Between Male and Female Challenge Course Instructors.  I also began experimenting with women’s leadership models. 

From 2000-2004 I co-founded and co-led an expedition and fundraising event called, Paddle to a Cure: Journeys of Hope.   I collaborated with three other women leaders. Our vision was that expeditions could be accessible, inclusive and serve the community.  Over a five-year period, we led hundreds of people whose lives had been touched by breast cancer into the wilderness for healing experiences. We did not follow the conventional organizational model and experienced the powerful potential of a volunteer-run, non-hierarchical and collaborative organization. This led to empowerment and inclusivity. Our vision was never lost or diluted.  And, we had a ton of fun! I learned how much return you get on your investment when you live by your vision, harness the power of collective problem-solving and have the courage to do things differently.  We raised almost $1 million for breast cancer research and education, and we built deep and lasting friendships. 

In parallel to that, I’ve built a 20+ year career as a leadership development consultant and trainer in organizations and corporations across North America and beyond.  I work with the people in organizations. After years of listening, what I’m hearing is that traditional organizational structures are limiting. 

I believe that everyone deserves to live and lead to their full potential.  And I know it’s hard to do that on your own. The Women’s Leadership Intensive is my answer to that, to help women take their ideas and vision and make them a reality.   Don’t do it alone.  Let’s do it together.  And in so doing, we can create new models, different kinds of organizations, systems and structures that are better for people and the planet.  And, have a ton of fun along the way!