The Benefits for You

After participating in the Intensive Program women will walk away with:

A Clear and Meaningful Vision

Clarify leadership purpose and vision

Explore potential for positive impact that women leaders can have on any industry

Ability to Recognize and Move Beyond Limitations

Recognize self-imposed limitations and how to move beyond them to achieve goals

Understand context and culture, and how to navigate it

A Resonant Action Plan

Build a plan for meaningful action 

Receive intensive input, mentorship, and recommendations

Improved Confidence & Competence

Gather the skills and resources to deepen competence

Solidify confidence through ongoing support and a built-in advisory board

Support to Implement

Forge ahead without hesitation, build momentum and realize your leadership potential

Implement leadership strategy in real-time, with practice, accountability and support

An Established Network

Build a network of advisors and supporters

Leverage this community throughout the year and beyond