The Benefits for You

After participating in the Intensive Program you will:

Clarify Your Leadership Vision

Develop your leadership purpose and vision

Explore the potential for positive impact that women leaders can have on any industry

Establish Your Network

Build a network of advisors and supporters

Leverage this community throughout the year and beyond

Recognize and Move Beyond Your Limitations

Recognize self-imposed limitations and how to move beyond them to achieve your goals

Understand context and culture, and how to navigate it

Improve Your Confidence & Competence

Gather the skills and resources to further expand your leadership competency

Solidify confidence through ongoing support and a built-in advisory board

Plan for Impact

Build a plan for meaningful action 

Receive intensive input, mentorship, and recommendations

Implement Your Plan

Forge ahead without hesitation, build momentum and realize your leadership potential

Implement leadership strategy in real-time, with practice, accountability and support