The Benefits for Your Organization


Operationalize Diversity

Diverse teams out-perform non-diverse ones. Including different viewpoints and experiences leads to more innovative, creative and inclusive solutions. By developing women leaders in your organization you’ll join the growing number of companies who recognize these benefits and are reaping the rewards in performance, profit and reputation.


Attract & Retain Critical Talent

Women represent a huge opportunity for talent development. With retirements, more women than men enrolling in college and university, and a generational shift in the workforce, attracting and retaining talent is more important than ever. Leadership development opportunities engage and retain your existing top female talent while demonstrating a commitment to to the next generation that you’re an employer who shares their concerns about equity.


Support Sustainable Change

Women have unique leadership qualities essential to sustainable business success. Women leaders demonstrate long-term thinking, innovation, collaboration, transparency, environmental management, and social inclusiveness. Through the Women’s Leadership Intensive we intentionally develop women’s skills to support and mentor other women leaders and build your internal capacity.